Broken Cables

The garage door system has many parts and a lot of homeowners can’t name each one. One of those that people tend to overlook is the cables used in the system. Not that it’s a big issue, of course, since not every homeowner should be an expert when it comes to their garage doors. However, it should be noted that cables are among the important components of the garage door system.

Such an important part of the system can cause major problems if it gets damaged or broken. But first, what exactly does garage door cable do? It is really a system of wires that makes up a large wire and attaches the garage door to the torsion springs. The cable keeps the door balanced all the time. So you can only imagine the disruption that it will cause the system once the cable is broken.

To make sure that things don’t go from bad to worse, you should know some of the signs that your garage door cable has issues. One such sign is when the cable has broken or even just worn-out strands. The other is when the tension springs are broken, making the door off-balance. These two examples show that you need to be keenly aware of what’s happening to your garage door cable. This will allow you to act before it gets any worse.

Hiring the right garage door contractor for the job is also important. It would give you the assurance you need that the door will be fixed properly and on time. This is something that you can expect from a contractor that is highly respected and trusted in the community. To residents of the Chicagoland area, that contractor happens to be us at GEDM Garage Doors. In our years in the business, we managed to earn the trust of our customers because of our top-notch services. Those services include broken cable repair.

Customer satisfaction is our mission at EDM Garage Doors and we are committed to making that happen in every project. What we want is for our customers to feel happy and satisfied after we’re finished with the job that they hired us for, whatever it might be. It’s connected to the fact that we are a family-owned and operated business. And we want every family and every business to live their lives without worry and stress-free. And if having a fully functional and quality garage door can help, then we’re here for that.

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