Gate Openers

In this day and age, who would want to live without the convenience of a gate opener? An electronic gate opener, to be exact. Why go through the trouble of getting out of your car, and opening the gate to your driveway yourself? Then you’ll have to drive through before getting out to close the gate again before you even get to your garage. That’s too troublesome and tiring for you. And especially if you got home from a long day at the office or from a brutal traffic situation.

But there’s a better way and it comes in the form of an electronic gate opener.

A gate opener offers the kind of convenience that you deserve. There wouldn’t be any need for you to get out of your car and then in again just to open and/or close the gate. All you have to do is to press a button and you could either open or close it without difficulty. It helps your automatic gate to open and close easily.

To residents of the Chicagoland area, you could count on us at EDM Garage Doors for help with your gate opener. We could provide you with one if you need it and we could also provide repair services for you if it’s broken. After all, helping you make your life more convenient is among our primary concerns.

How does a gate opener actually work? An electric gate opener is actually not that much different from a garage door opener. Once you click the transmitter in your car, a radio signal will be sent to a receiver box that’s mounted near your gate. The receiver would then take the message to the control box. From there, the box would then activate a circuit that will then activate the gate opener arm. The arm is then going to slide or swing the gate open. To close the gate, you need to press the transmitter button once more. It will then close automatically after a specific amount of time has passed.

At EDM Garage Doors, our mission is customer satisfaction. We took that mission to heart from the very start. It’s what we aim for in every project, whether it’s about garage doors, garage door openers, or gates. Our intention is to make sure that every customer ends up happy and satisfied with our garage door solutions. So if you’re experiencing any problems or issues with your garage doors, openers, or gates, give us a call and we’ll take of everything.

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