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You and your family deserve the best garage doors possible. There is no way that you should ever settle for anything less than the best – after all, that’s what any home or business wants. Quality needs to come first and with the role that garage doors play in people’s everyday lives, it’s a definite must. 

Some might not immediately realize the impact of garage doors on how people live their daily lives at home or when conducting their business. It usually goes under the radar for a lot of people, but that should never be the case. Having a quality and fully functional garage door can be the difference between having a smooth and normal everyday routine and one that’s chaotic and causing undue stress.

At EDM Garage Doors, we make sure of the quality of your garage doors – be it residential or commercial. By choosing us, you’re assured of getting the kind of garage doors that you’ve always envisioned. It will surely be satisfying on so many levels – from aesthetic to the practical side – having quality garage doors definitely affect it in a positive way. And it’s definitely in line with the mission that we have had from the very start – and that’s to ensure customer satisfaction!


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Client Reviews

Annah Mitchell
Annah Mitchell
What an amazing business!! I called them around 10 am Sunday morning and he was at my house in less than a hour and a half, ready to install my garage door opener. He was courteous, professional, and thorough. He explained everything about my garage door opener and even offered suggestions to minimize future problems I may have with my garage door. Interestingly enough, I had talked about replacing the garage door so he just confirmed what I should be doing. Pricing was reasonable and fair. He is coming back to install my garage door. I highly recommend they! They were excellent and one of few times I wholeheartedly felt good about my purchase!! Thank you, EDM!!
Kevyn Uhlmeyer
Kevyn Uhlmeyer
WoW! EDM is terrific! I got a speedy response, (less than 1 day for discussion AND installation. These guys actually know their stuff from their many years of experience , e.g., competitor's products, etc.) They answered my questions and they are personable too! Moses even did extra so I can reach the button w/o standing on my tippy toes! They will work with you to meet your needs and not pressure you to buy something you don't need/can't afford. Highly recommend
Norma Zaragoza
Norma Zaragoza
I inquired through Nextdoor about recommendations for a reputable and reasonable garage door replacement company. I received several quotes, most people viewed our property vía satélite photos, EDM was one of two companies who actually took the time and paid a personal visit to our home. From the inception, Eli took his time and was very professional and customer-focused and listened! The follow-up was insane. Everything was clear and concise.Then Moses took over. It was easy for me to choose, although their pricing was a couple hundred more, they programmed our opener and remotes and fixed the track at no additional fee (unlike other companies). Oh and Moses’ young 18-yr old son (asst) hustled.
Tyler McChristian
Tyler McChristian
One of our garage springs snapped and they answered the phone at 8pm. Very responsive and the tech was great. He even noticed an issue with our second garage door and replaced a faulty sprocket. All around great company.
Angela Sims
Angela Sims
EDM were the first appointment for my garage door repair, and I'm so glad they were! These family guys are knowledgeable, conscientious, professional and pleasant. I could not be more pleased or recommend them more highly for their specialty!
Aaron Santoyo
Aaron Santoyo
EDM did a great job with replacing my garage door. They were quick and very informative with what they were going to do. I would highly recommend EDM to everyone who need to replace their garage door.
Jimit Patel
Jimit Patel
On time service, competitive pricing, GREAT service over all!!!! I looked up garage door repair service to repair my door springs through Thumbtack and EDM name came up. I requested a call back and received one within 5 minutes from Moises. He was flexible on time and available the next day. He showed up on time and completed the repair quickly. He also did an full analysis of the other parts and showed me the items which were coming up to repair/replacement. He was not a forceful sales man and showed what a good part looks like vs what mine looked like and let me make the decision on what should be replaced.
Dale Johnson
Dale Johnson
Fantastic company. Called late morning on Super Bowl Sunday and they had my garage door opener replaced and functioning by early afternoon. Technician was outstanding. Helped program my cars and the exterior remote. Everything was completed for a fair price. What more can you ask?
Our Garage Door Suppliers Install High-Quality Doors in and Around Volo & Grayslake, IL

Is your garage door not working as it should? Want to get your old door replaced with something new? EDM Garage Doors, LLC based in Volo, IL has you covered with our comprehensive garage door services.

When you choose us as your garage door supplier, you’ll get to pick from a wide assortment of different residential and commercial garage doors and door openers. We can install new garage doors and repair existing garage doors.

Why even consider settling for lackluster and inferior garage doors when you can pick from superior options courtesy of EDM Garge Doors? Yes, we can definitely help you upgrade your garage door game and then some. And it’s not just a matter of picking the more beautiful-looking or the latest design. It’s also about impacting your home in a variety of ways. 

From the practical side of making your home more safe and secure to taking your home’s curb appeal to the next level. The overall value of your home will end up higher than ever – a tremendous benefit made possible by your right choice of garage door company.

Never ever settle for anything less than the best garage doors available in the market. Of course, it also wouldn’t hurt to work with the best garage door supplier in and around Volo and Grayslake, IL. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and residential garage door services.

Don’t Settle for Lackluster Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors

Make Your Garage Stand Out With One of Our Residential Garage Doors – Who wouldn’t want their home or at least part of their home to stand out? We’re sure you do too so why not contact us now so you can take a look at our line-up of outstanding residential garage doors. We’re sure that we have something that will be to your liking and fits your preference and taste perfectly.

Commercial Garage Doors

Choose From Our Many Commercial Garage Doors & Garage Door Openers Don’t get your business get slowed down by a broken or faulty garage door. You want your business transactions to flow as smoothly as your garage door operates, which is why you need to check out our commercial garagedoor options. And whatever your choice of garage door will be made even better by our selection of the highest-quality garage door openers. The door and opener are going to work in tandem to ensure that your business operates seamlessly.

Garage Door Installations

We’ll Handle Your Garage Door Installation From Start to Finish – Remember to never entrust something as sensitive as a garage door installation project to an unproven garage door contractor. There’s just too much risk involved and you’ll need the expertise of actual professionals when something goes wrong during the installation process. Our experienced and capable team will ensure perfectly installed garage doors every time.

Garage Door Repairs

Get Your Door Working Again With Garage Door Repair Services – Garage door repair is another matter that you can’t leave in the hands of garage door contractors that aren’t really capable and are only out to take your money. If your garage door isn’t functioning the way it should, then your only option should be to hire the best available garage door company – one that doesn’t just have the proper technical credentials but also actually cares about you, your home, or your business.

How Do Garage Doors Work?

So how do garage doors work? When you truly consider a garage door and its place in your day-to-day life at home or even your business, they are not really that complicated. Each garage door is made up of a number of interconnected parts. Each of those parts performs simple but specific functions.

In order to have a good grasp and understanding of how a garage door functions, you need to know the various parts and the functions that they perform. You’ll also know how they move. To make you more familiar with the different parts of a garage door, here is a simple list of each one:

As for garage door openers, it’s also important that you know the parts that make up each one. Although not as many or even as complicated as the garage door itself, simple familiarity with the parts would certainly help:

Our Services

So what exactly, could you hire our company for? Sure, you might say that we serve residential and commercial customers alike, but you would also likely want to know the specific services that you could call us to help you with. The following is the complete line-up of services that you and other customers can expect from us at EDM Garage Doors.

Garage Door Repairs

New Garage Doors



As you can see from our list of services, we got you covered. Any and every kind of garage door issue or problem will be resolved properly by our gifted technicians.  You can also count on our honesty and integrity as we will be open to you about the real nature of your garage door’s issues. We’ll be specific and detailed in informing you of what’s wrong with your garage door and then proceed to explain how we will provide the right solution.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Mission!

Our belief is that a company’s number one goal and mission is to satisfy its customers. It should the main driving force and motivating factor that would enable them to reach the heights of excellence that few others in their industry could hope to even achieve. Having that in mind as their main mission almost always results in satisfied customers that would call again and again and spread the word about the quality of the services.

At EDM Garage Doors, we never lose of this fact. Our customers and their total satisfaction are what pushes us to strive for excellence in each and every project, regardless of its nature. Whether it’s a simple repair or a more complex installation or replacement project, we bring the same energy and enthusiasm, apart from the skills and experience that our team possesses. 

Our company is proud to say that in our more than 20 years of experience, we’ve managed to satisfy all of our customers – and we intend to continue doing that for the foreseeable future!

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Choose From a Wide Selection of Garage Doors

Our selection of garage doors covers every possible need. We understand that every customer is different and that every home or business owner has different needs as well as expectations when it comes to their garage doors. We, therefore, offer the widest selection of garage doors possible in order to meet all of those needs and expectations.

You’ll be surprised at the possibilities that await you. It would be much easier to make a decision once you see our complete line-up of garage doors. You can even change your garage door just for the fun of it and not because you don’t have any choice. It’s entirely up to you and all we’ll do is present the various options that you can choose from, so you can finally get the right garage door for your residential or commercial property.

The best thing about getting your garage door from us is that we can also fix it if and when it has any issues. So you’re really going to get the best of both worlds with us at EDM Garage Doors since we can help you with the garage doors that you want and we can also provide the garage door services that you’ll likely require. This would result in a home or a commercial building that is superior in both the aesthetic and practical aspects

Find the Right Door for Your Residential or Commercial Property

Why Work With Us?

We’re not like other garage door suppliers that are just trying to make a quick buck. Instead, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with all of our customers. As we mentioned above, we consider customer satisfaction as our mission. Our aim is to satisfy them and make them happy with the job that we did for them. Part of making sure that happens is by building relationships that last a long time with each and every one of them. Over the years, we found that this is the best formula for success and in achieving a win-win solution for everyone involved. Best of all, it allowed us to earn the trust of our customers and to gain new ones as went along with our business and hopefully it will continue to help us gain more customers in the future.

One other thing that has made it easy for people to trust and eventually hire us is the fact that we’re a family-owned and operated business. People seem to find that it’s easier for them to put their trust in a company that is owned and operated by a family.

It also certainly helps that the garage door services that we offer each have exceptional quality. We’ve found that it’s the perfect blend as people put their initial trust in us as a family business and are later pleasantly surprised at how good we are at our job. Our commitment to serve is second to none and we absolutely want to please all of our customers. It’s also extremely satisfying to see the good job that we’re to accomplish at the end of every project. Plus, we offer free estimates and special discounts for veterans, first responders, and seniors. Be sure to ask about our warranty options when you call today. I would be extremely helpful to those who need it and we’re quite happy to include them in our services.

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