With its warm days and sunny afternoons, summer is the best time to take it easy and not worry about anything. But as summer’s relentless heat gets closer, one part of our homes needs our full attention: the garage door. It might look like a strong building that stays the same with the seasons, but that’s not the case. As the temperature increases, our garage doors can feel the heat like we can. During these hot months, it’s not just a good idea to do regular maintenance—it’s a must. Look at why summer care is essential for your garage door’s long life and best performance.

The Importance of Summertime Garage Door Maintenance

Summer is not just a time for vacations, barbecues, and beach outings. It is also an optimal season for home maintenance, specifically for garage doors. As simple as these massive gates may appear, they play a crucial role in the safety and functionality of our homes, especially if they are attached to the main living area. Here are several reasons highlighting the importance of summertime garage door maintenance.

1. Weather-Related Issues

Garage doors are large and exposed, making them vulnerable to the elements. The combination of heat and humidity, especially in regions like Volo, IL, can expedite wear and tear on the door’s components. Weatherstripping may crack, paint may peel, and wooden doors may warp due to moisture. Regular summer check-ups can help you spot these issues before they exacerbate, ensuring the longevity of your garage door.

2. Prevention is Cheaper than Repair

Addressing problems in their initial stages prevents them from developing into more significant issues that can be expensive. For instance, a malfunctioning garage door could merely require minor adjustments or lubrication, whereas ignoring the issue could lead to the need for costly garage door repair.

3. Safety and Security

A malfunctioning garage door can be a safety hazard. A door that doesn’t close correctly might leave your home vulnerable to theft. Moreover, failing springs or cables could cause the door to fall unexpectedly, posing a risk to anyone underneath.

4. Smooth Functioning

Regular maintenance ensures your garage door operates smoothly. An unbalanced or misaligned door with damaged rollers can be noisy and require more force to open or close. Over time, this strain can lead to further complications.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics

Your garage door often plays a significant role in the curb appeal of your home. A well-maintained door looks better and adds to the property’s overall aesthetic. Regular summer maintenance, like repainting or cleaning, can keep your garage door looking fresh and inviting.

6. Peace of Mind

Knowing that your garage door is in tip-top shape provides peace of mind. Instead of worrying about potential problems or malfunctions, you can have confidence that your entry will function correctly whenever needed.

While summertime garage door maintenance benefits are many, the underlying theme is clear: a little effort during the warm months can save a lot of hassle, money, and potential danger down the road. Whether you choose to do the maintenance yourself or hire a professional, making it a regular part of your summer routine is essential.

The Garage Door and Summer

Garage doors are essential to many homes and help keep our cars and other valuable things safe. They are built to withstand nature’s extremes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be damaged. Especially in the summer, when it is boiling, these buildings face several problems.

Effects of Heat on Materials

  1. Wooden Doors: Wood is an organic material that responds quite sensitively to temperature changes. As the mercury rises, wooden doors can undergo warping. Warping happens when parts of the wood expand at different rates due to heat and moisture, causing it to bend or twist. This can affect the garage door fit in its frame, potentially preventing it from closing correctly. Regular maintenance, including sealing, can help combat this to an extent.
  2. Steel Doors: Steel, being a good conductor of heat, might seem invulnerable, but it, too, faces its issues. On sweltering days, metal doors can expand. If the expansion is significant, it can hinder the door’s smooth operation, sometimes causing it to jam or stick.
  3. Fiberglass Doors: While fiberglass is less susceptible to warping than wood and doesn’t expand as much as steel, it can fade or become brittle when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. This can reduce its lifespan and aesthetic appeal.

Summer’s Impact on Mechanical Parts

Beyond the materials themselves, the internal mechanics of garage doors can also suffer in the summer heat:

  1. Grease and Lubricants: One primary concern is thinning oil or other lubricants that keep the door’s parts moving smoothly. High temperatures can cause these lubricants to become runny or evaporate, reducing efficacy. This can increase friction among parts, which can wear them out faster and cause the door to operate noisily.
  2. Springs and Cables: The tension in springs and cables can be affected by extreme heat. Over time, if these parts become too tight or loose due to temperature fluctuations, the door might not open or close properly, leading to potential safety hazards.
  3. Motor and Electronic Components: The engine that powers automatic garage doors and the associated electronic components can overheat if used frequently during hot days. Ensuring adequate ventilation and possibly limiting usage during the hottest parts of the day is essential.

While summer brings many joys and outdoor activities, it’s crucial to remain cognizant of its effects on the various components of our homes, including garage doors. Regular maintenance, proper care, and timely checks can ensure that your garage door remains functional and durable throughout the season.

Regular Maintenance Benefits

Regular maintenance goes beyond routine checks—it’s an investment in the future of the equipment or structure, ensuring that it remains in top-notch condition. The benefits are manifold, encompassing the spheres of safety, financial health, and the overall lifespan of the object in question.

1. Increasing Lifespan

2. Ensuring Safety

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Often perceived as a tedious chore, maintenance is a strategic approach to homeownership. By regularly investing small amounts of time and resources into maintaining essential parts of the home, like garage doors, homeowners can enjoy long-term savings, enhanced safety, and the extended lifespan of their installations.

Seasonal Comparison

Garage doors, often the unsung heroes of our homes, are exposed to the elements daily. From the blazing summer sun to the chilling winter frost, they guard our vehicles and belongings steadfastly. However, each season presents a distinct set of challenges that can impact the functionality and longevity of these vital barriers. As such, understanding the unique demands of each season is crucial for year-round care.

Summer Vs. Winter Maintenance

Summer Maintenance Challenges:

  1. Material Warping: The summer heat, especially with high humidity, can wreak havoc on certain garage door materials. Wooden doors, in particular, are prone to warping. This affects the aesthetic appeal and can compromise the fit and seal of the garage door.
  2. Thinning Lubricants: As temperatures soar, lubricants that ensure the smooth operation of the door’s mechanical parts can thin out. This can increase friction, causing parts to wear out faster and leading to noisier door operations.

Winter Maintenance Challenges:

  1. Material Contraction: Just as materials can expand in the heat, they can contract in the cold. Metal doors can be significantly acquired, which affects how well they fit in their frames.
  2. Thickening of Lubricants: The cold can have the opposite effect on lubricants compared to the summer. As temperatures plummet, oils can thicken, leading to sluggish door operations or even causing the door to jam.
  3. Weather Stripping Issues: The cold can also make the rubber weather stripping at the bottom of the door brittle. This can compromise the seal, allowing cold air to seep in and warm air to escape, reducing the home’s energy efficiency.

Year-Round Care: A Commitment to Excellence

Consistent care and attention can keep your garage door functioning optimally regardless of the season. Here’s a guideline for year-round maintenance:

  1. Regular Inspections: At the change of each season, inspect the door for signs of wear and tear. Look out for any warping, rust, or damage to the weather stripping.
  2. Lubrication: Adjust the type or amount of lubricant used based on the season. In summer, ensure that the fat doesn’t become too runny. In winter, opt for an oil that remains fluid in colder temperatures.
  3. Weatherproofing: Enhance your garage door’s resilience against the elements by sealing it properly. This not only aids in temperature regulation but also prevents moisture-induced damage.
  4. Professional Check-ups: At least once a year, preferably before winter sets in, consider getting a professional to inspect your garage door for any potential issues that might be missed by the untrained eye, such as the need for garage door repair, and ensure that all parts are functioning correctly.

While each season brings challenges, with a proactive approach to maintenance, your garage door can remain in peak condition all year round. Remember, a well-maintained garage door enhances your home’s curb appeal and ensures security, safety, and energy efficiency. Embrace the season, but always remember your garage door’s needs!


Why is summer maintenance vital for garage doors?
Summer heat can affect both the materials of the door and its mechanical parts, potentially leading to malfunctions.

How often should I lubricate my garage door?
During the summer months, it’s advisable to lubricate moving parts at least once a month.

Is professional maintenance essential?
For thorough inspections and safety checks, professional intervention is highly recommended.

What’s the financial benefit of regular maintenance?
Routine care can prevent significant malfunctions, saving potential costs for extensive repairs or replacements.

Garage Door Maintenance in Volo, IL: Your Summer Solution with EDM Garage Doors

Summer is upon us, and like any other aspect of your home, your garage door requires special attention to ensure it operates smoothly and safely. A reliable garage door service provider is essential, especially in the Volo, IL, region, where the seasons can affect household infrastructure. If you’re a homeowner or business in Volo, IL, and surrounding areas, EDM Garage Doors is your go-to specialist for all things garage door needs.

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