Repair or Replace — Making the Right Decision

How long does a garage door last? With proper maintenance, a garage door can last for about 30 years. Individual circumstances can vary. Your teenage driver might have accidentally backed into your garage door. Or maybe there was a windstorm that flung debris at your door and caused damage to some panels.

Should you repair or replace your garage door in any case?

Should you replace it?

The answer could depend on several factors.

1. Different types of garage door damage

The garage door could have suffered only cosmetic damage or it may be seriously damaged.

Minor: Sometimes the damage to your garage doors is obvious but it does not affect its structural integrity or functionality. You may notice fading or chipping paint on your door, or you may see a crack. You’ll get more value if the damage is cosmetic.

Moderate: Sometimes the damage to your garage doors is more than cosmetic. It can also affect the structural integrity of the door. For example, a door that is rusted or warped will not function as well as it used to. It won’t protect your garage against thieves or other intruders and will not keep out the elements as well. You should consider replacing your garage door if it has any structural damage.

Severe: If your door has suffered severe damage, it may be time to replace it with a functional and new one. A new door may be necessary if your door becomes stuck, makes a horrible squealing sound, doesn’t open or close properly, or is unable to open at all. It’s always a good idea not to assume that the problem is simple.

2. The Extent of the Damage

A repair job may be the best option if your door only has one issue such as peeling paint. It may be worth looking into upgrading if your door has multiple issues such as cracks in the panels or a creaking sound and a slow, laborious operation. A sturdy replacement door can be a great way to ensure your family and home are safe.

3. Cost

Cost may play a role in deciding whether to replace or repair your garage door. If the cost of replacing your garage door exceeds the price of buying a new one, you will likely choose to replace your old door. There are many affordable options available to replace your expensive upscale-style door.

4. The Age of the Door

You may consider replacing your garage door if it has minor damage but is getting older — 10-20 years old. An older door will likely need to be replaced sooner than expected. It may not be worthwhile to invest in repairs for doors that aren’t as old as they should be. Even if your door is in dire need of repair, replacing it can have many other benefits. For example, a more modern appearance or a garage door that fits better with your home’s style.

Automatic Garage Door Repair

Consider repairing your garage door instead of replacing it if the issues are not too severe. In these cases, you might want to consider garage door repair.

If your door suddenly stops working. You should consider a repair if the problem is not with the batteries. A problem with the door’s mechanism could be caused by a worn-out motor, broken chain or belt, or a damaged spring. A technician can quickly diagnose the problem and repair it. If a damaged panel on a door is a problem. A damaged panel can usually be repaired. Although a damaged garage door panel may not be serious, you should act fast to replace it so cracks don’t grow. It is important to replace damaged panels so that your garage interior is protected against the elements.

If your garage door may be crooked or sagging. A problem with the torsion springs of your garage door can cause sagging or crooked doors. These are the ones that do the majority of the heavy lifting. These springs can be replaced easily and will last for many years.

If your garage door feels heavy. If your garage door feels heavier when you open or close it manually, then this is usually a sign that the springs are not working properly. It is possible to have the springs replaced. This problem can cause severe damage to the motor of your door.

The sensors fail. You will need to schedule garage door repair if your garage door doesn’t open when it detects an obstruction. This is a sign that your garage door sensor has failed to work properly.

It’s important to repair your garage door Volo IL immediately. Even minor problems can cause major damage to the doorframe and other mechanical systems. Over time, this stress can lead to more expensive and complex problems.

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